Learn to Light With One  Light or Less

Imagine doing what you love. You keep doing it. People start recognising you for your style. You start getting booked for jobs for your aesthetic and vision. Picture yourself walking into any set and being confident enough to light in any kind of environment. Whether one of lights malfunctions or its not sunny enough like you expected. You will be able to get out of your comfort zone. For some of you its reaching out to a model that you've been meaning to work with for months but think that your portfolio is not solid enough. Landing collaborations with brands while travelling the world. I will be breaking down my lighting techniques and also some of the non technical insights as to what goes on behind a shoot. As you will see they are pretty simple and its something that you can incorporate into your creative journey easily.

Course Overview

Week 1: Learn to light with one light or less. 

Learn to light your subject confidently and make your work visually interesting with the least amount of tools. How to read light direction in an image. 

Week 2: Colour Theory and Composition.

How draw your viewer to certain part of the image. And why we digest colour information in a certain way. Framing dynamically while posing your subject fully in frame. Get your audience hooked to your imagery.

Week 3Setting up shoots with modelling agencies. 

What's expected out of a model tests. Finding location and model for shoots. Goal setting for test shoots. Discussing call sheets and contracts. How to get other industry professionals to collaborate with you.

Week 4: Get noticed and land collaborations with brands

How to find inspiration in what you do on a daily basis. How to get noticed as fashion photographer and be able attract the attention of brands. Make your work unique enough to begin work with professionals in your industry. 

I'm just starting out. Is this course for me?

Whether you are starting out in photography or you are creative in any field looking to create a better image. This course is for you.

How is this course delivered?

This course is delivered fully online over a period of four weeks. Your welcome to finish it at your own pace. All material stays with you.

I don't own any lighting equipment. Will I be able to follow along?

In some of the lighting breakdowns I do use a single softbox. This setup will be useful for you if you plan to work in a studio. Most of the other setups are around using natural light. 

What to expect from this course?

This is going to help you to start with the bare minimum. When I was started out as a photographer my first work was outdoors mostly. But I felt insecure that I didn't have any experience shooting in a studio. When I did shoot in studio I thought that I could get a good image only if I had complex lighting setup. But the more I started getting to know my photography style and the type of mood I like to get from my images I started to understand that sometimes less is all I need.


Single payment of 250CAD

4 weeks

Delivered every Monday

See you soon!


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